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Representing Entrepreneurs and Companies in Cannabis Law & Regulations.

Practice Areas



Legal Compliance Audits

Regulatory Compliance

Risk Mitigation

Internal Audits & Investigations

Monitoring Regulation Changes

License Application Process

License Violation Defense

Business License Registration

Corporate Governance & Policy


Entry Compliance

Cannabis Display Goods

(safety & regulatory)

Compliant Record keeping

(for City, County & State)

Storage Compliance Agreements

Conformity with Logs & Records

Employee Agreements & Contracts

Delivery Rules & Regulation Conformity

Continuous City, County & State

Regulatory Updates


Contract Review & Enforcement

Securing Licensing Agreements

Business Entity Formation & Dissolution

Resolving Tax Matters

Managing Investments &

Investment Agreements

Drafting & Negotiating Business


Real Estate Solutions, Including

Lease or Purchasing Agreements

New Licensing & Permits

Review of Current License, Permits

& Contracts

Contract Agreement Updates

Develop & Create Contracts with

Cannabis Growers

Create Contracts with Cannabis Suppliers

Create Contracts with Distributors

Cyber-security Check-up

Records/Document Management Security

Branding and Marketing


Settlement Negotiations

Trademark Disputes & Defense

Partner Disputes

Contested Company Dissolutions

Breach of Contract Claims

Administrative Hearings

Employee Issues

Local Ordinance Challenges

Forfeiture & Criminal Charges

Submission of new Patents & Trademarks

Review of current Patents & Trademarks



Naulls Legal Group is the premier law firm for cannabis-based businesses representing entrepreneurs and organizations nationwide based out of the Inland Empire in Southern California. We are adept at navigating delicate cannabis compliance, legislation, bureaucratic challenges, and enforcement around the increasingly complex and heavily regulated cannabis laws.


Far from a one size fits all approach, Naulls Legal Group's decades-long years of regulatory expertise and dedication to the cannabis industry have allowed us to amass a unique abundance of hands-on practical knowledge to serve our clients. With our unparallel and integrated legal services offerings, whether structuring business entities, licensing, permits, employment dealings, negotiating and drafting contracts, agreement disputes, and transactional matters, we handle them all via our curated subscription-based solutions.​


Our trailblazing firm provides new and existing clients with remarkable, trusted advisors from initial client reviews to realizing wins and successes from what our clients do best through our firm’s guided approach to their cannabis business. We are intimate with local, state, and federal regulations, including exclusive cannabis industry opportunities and insights. Naulls Legal Group’s regulatory background proficiency allows our firm to proactively anticipate, strategize, and advance our clients' ideas and expectations.

Entrepreneurs and cannabis-based businesses turn to Naulls Legal Group when:

  • Facing regulatory scrutiny

  • Needing a straightforward and practical approach to complicated laws and regulations

  • Striving to avoid enforcement actions

  • Under significant pressure to eliminate an enforcement action

  • Facing licensor revocation, threats, or regulatory pressure from bureaucrats

  • Tired of drowning in regulatory compliance and need help tackling it


Ron Naulls

Ronald B. Naulls has intimate personal experience and advocacy in the cannabis industry; he also has decades of experience in compliance, working with several corporations across the U.S. Ronald specializes in corporate regulatory compliance, cannabis law, and technology. As an author of two books (Compassion, Consequences and Criminal PerseveranceThe Audacity of Dope and Perseverance), Ronald’s expertise includes business continuity, governance, cybersecurity, and various legal disciplines. Closing gaps with operational deficiencies via measuring business indicators for sound effectiveness are foundational and practical business advice for all clients. Mitigating risks while ensuring clients “WIN” has driven the purpose and proven results for Naulls Legal Group.


As a minority personally involved with the Compassionate use act of 1996, Ronald opened a cannabis dispensary in Riverside County in 2006, which was raided by law enforcement less than a year later. From that life-altering and isolated event, he became an attorney. Since then, Ronald and the firm’s team have aimed to ensure your cannabis business wins by advising and guiding on compliance, legislation changes, governmental challenges, and enforcement statutes around the progressively complex cannabis laws and regulations​.





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